(rant to be gone over EDiTED and updated)

Been watching the SUN pulse rate for what its worth – whenever i can, for some time now. I had a view of the SUNS ” pulse  rate ” so it seemed, round the FAR dark edge of the 2% new crescent moon, as seen from at the water crossing that runs along front street in pennsylvanias capital, Harrisburg. 9.18.20. The moon was two three fists big or so and, other than ”  the anticist gasSing ” of the aetheric mother and sunny make,. was well lit. It sat two or three fists above the horizon as i noted it was 19:59 – 20:00. (updated – 9.27.20)

and as it turns out..

to be updated..

2 prong you too muTaNt! –2prongRHiNO.COM

if you dont get what it is to maintain with calm literate resolve,

what a republic under the SUN,. iS.. then,. iT is.. time to get on board!


These guys next..

i am thinking they have not a song,. not worth listening!!

You may RoCk on at this time.

Dinosaur Pile-Up – Backfoot


And.. well.. wont ya know.. just as i was about to get the embed/link for – BACKFOOT

i find this!

Its Tricky – Dinosaur Pile-Up

You may RoCk on at this time! – Dinosaur Pile-Up

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