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I had mentioned on another post that i had become fascinated with observing things relevant to the SUN. Like, its laser light, bouncing off of, as us, other circling planets, and whatever else natural excellent, that, i might notice sunny has come upon?

(ALL over the place rant to be gone over EDiTED and updated)

My fascination better atuning since around mid september, i wondered how much (of these types of reflected SUN generated energies) can a right vessel gather, simply gazing upon thru, (what ought to be, clean clear aetheric) the wonders of, the heavens. It has been an amazing star show this last months. I mention the two full moons of october which land me unique occurances in what i call eLeCtRiC jiMmy land. (i intend to post about it) Back around solstice, as i indulge with those others longing as myself, striving to recognize being atuned with, mothers, SUN.. i noted discoveries, that led me to celebrate my mother as her mother as her mother, as.. her mother.. carrying the vessel they made along the journey where the father was, no doubt in some way, piTted,. but of stock enough set to manage the created child thru their life onto what ought to be a free, naturally evolved existence, under, any sun?

Like,. it ALL paid off, the child did well,. and the WORLD is a better place?

After a long time,. thru my 58th year,. now 59th, i am starting to consider the vessel and how it seems in general we are set to taking our lives,. and subjecting others lives, to, for granted, or (even though – EDUCATED) not of intellect enough to assure no organized anyone shall assemble to violate pit cage half life or,. ill lead you, from, the WAY of our SUN?

Your vessel belongs,. to you.

Regardless of how you are on the round to where you are now.. your vessel belongs to you.

You.. belong to the SUN.. and mothers naturally occuring system.

How could any government set up to inject rape cage starve and kill anyone?

The masked COSTUMING pre-TENDers.. are obviously,. LoST.. the

only danger to LiFe on any planet under any SUN in any galaxy.

Anyway,. I just realized maybe yesteray, today is a 1 year cycle from/of, a star show i was present along the river in harrisburg,. friday,. november 22 2019.. in the well lit light of dusk.. the sun had just spun out of site, sat a very bright planet maybe a fist off of horizon. I note mercury and mars were over there then – i must do a little more research – spica and maybe mercury, were there this year recently. I happened in just after spica rounded out september i think. I was going to delete the phone stuff so i could take pics but couldnt remember all the info i wanted to keep. I have found no pictures or right reference to days so compelling as that friday – 11.22.2019  looking at the lit planet in front of where the sun went down,. to my right out over the river.

And to my left,. venus and jupiter very in line with each other, were just up off of the horizon for a vertical ascend. For the next two days that went, it was gas spray unviewable,. but on the day of the planets passing each other,. monday evening i think, i was lucky enough to be driving east to west,. and for the forty minutes i watched, i was sure i was seeing venus – on the left.. moving, up past parallel with jupiter.

Hopefully my memory is right on number of days.. friday dusk WAS the beginning.

Everything i looked up said to look starting saturday..

which simply would not have been the same.

I started with a mention around this idea of jimmys starlight theatre?

This since september 2020 thru octobers two full moons,. and this last ten fifteen days of watching as orion and all of that sTufF comes into view are becoming more of a, daily.. like where are the eLeCtRiC needle, i.. as the spinning laylinic universe spin by, are there something i was to assure i might relate?

I am sure, following mother nature, are ALWAYS.. of a right choice.

I think of my mother as,. out of the pennsylvania woods.

Maybe, once (along the way) something a ridge, stone boxer

an, undergrounder along some waterway.

Immigrated in while following the SUN

mixed with some wagner and fisher.

I think of my father as a (royal farmed) descendant, of the as well, underground dwelling SUN and natural order iNtErTWiNiNg, fleeing,.

as they, as all of planet earth, sought sanctity and a connection with the SUN.. naturally.

Calm coOL resolute, grounded..

the living gifted life that actually attempt to custodian rightly as..

LiFe,. florishing, NATURALLY.. iS The GiFT! ?

i went to celebrating my mother over solstice in 2020 getting a better idea

what it is to.. have an idea, about sun pulse rate and, eCLipSe of the SUN.

I live in a junk yard in an rv.. almost outside most of the time, with cats.

I havent a tv for ten years,. dont read newspapers anymore, several years.. and

if you are wearing a mask,. i purposefully look away,. and ignore you.

I was looking to build a retirement business, but i dont interact with

MASKS and COSTUMES,. and ” pre-tending ” well,. at all..

Definetly NOT any part of a descent natural order day under any SUN.

Meanwhile.. i was chatting with the,. UNiVERSE and asking.. since 2020 is this year that it is,. and since i see the uniqueness of the universe and cycling,. and since it is two vessels carried the weight,. i wondered to me,. as i longed those who have led us to our discoveries this year, (an idea for a MOVIE and serial – the Queens RETURN) will it also be that, i celebrate my father this year yet, as january is long went?

First Eagle Occurance – to be updated..

LiFe,. iS The GiFT!

I have been trying to get organized with this retirement BUSINESS project but as it is,. with limited resources and three groups of cats needing shelter rapairs and sustenance,. something more lucrative MUST start to happen.

Since i was going into marketing upon the framework i built, i figured might as well get started with the CoOp idea.. the online virtual world community for the discerning human.


Anyway.. i got some ideas about, the UNiVERSE.

UNiVERSE SAiD – Say iT BesT with DOMAiNS and EXTENSiONS that Say iT BesT!

I find the UNiVERSE,. full of well radiating,. life giving SUNS,. a unique fun place.

Im thinking the vaccinations (i still can see the gun and the syringe)

and the insane white nurse querying me,. what is my ethnicity

i was scared.. ah.. ah.. i said,. im an american,. she said

” you are white “

The encagement rape of you and your life, is,.

you are supposed to be, dead

at half life..

never having any real idea how to maintain and assure the best effort to

lead your children along the WAY,. with mothers SUN, before YOU

what it is your vessel,


are really about.

(rant to be gone over and updated soon)

Get your,. chitty,

cranked around abit toO?

Ok,. sKip tHat, how about..

do a little dance of your own!


HOST your own ViDEO LIBRARY data BASE search engine CHAT BOX yourself!


Connect ALL of your social circles to YOUR DOMAiN BASE!

” Assure Service Providers Provide Service “

wHaT ?

i M a gi Ne.. tHaT! – yes.. no, i did not just say that i am a  genie.

i couldnt resist,. anyway..









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