Been watching the SUN pulse rate (thru muTaNt per-versos world raping GAS-iT sKiT – for what its worth – whenever i can, for some time now) I had a view of the SUNS ” pulse  rate ” so it seemed, round the FAR dark edge of the 2% new crescent moon, as seen from at the water crossing that runs along front street in pennsylvanias capital, Harrisburg. 9.18.20 The moon was two three fists big or so and, other than fag gas,. was well lit. It sat two or three fists above the horizon as i noted it was 19:59 – 20:00. (updated – 9.27.20 – as it turns out, in the well lit dusk, mercury and spica were just out of sight) On a last spin i made past, maybe five to eight minutes later, as the moon was obviously descending from view, the giant moon seemed to scuff the surface on its way.. all aglow.  So.. i have been watching the SUNS  ” pulse rate ”  whenever i can, for some time now – Too bad you,. dont get it.. dear, half lifed, ” dead religions ALIGORICAL ignorances pre-TENDiNG ” muTaNt.  wHoOps.. sNiCKeR.. Had a look September 18 and 19. September 18 was another fluke occurance, as the vessel ” eLeCtRiC jiMmy ”  shows up at some point within the rounds that are this vessel inter-miNgliNg.. with, the UNiVERSE.  And, as i was a,. saying.. too BAD you,. dont get it,. self punking, planet raping,. people asSbackWARDing piTting starving.. sTuNt CAGiNG, ill led,. half lifed, ” dead – religions – ignorances – pre-TENDiNG ” – muTaNt.  No offense.  You should send me most of your money.. 10%.. oh.. wHaTeVer.. like a theater movie show or a concert or an event where the speaker actually tells you something that WILL,. enrich you? You click the money button and put 2.00 5.00 10.00 whatever, every time you pass by to have a read!? Anyway.. kNoCK KNoCk.. whos there.. you are supposed to ask yourself,. whos there.. wHaT?

And.. (updated.. Sept 27 2020) as i go about noticing this and that.. finding myself, somewhere where-eVeR.. it turns out,. September 21 2020 is the fall equinox. Where i live, i look barely east, south south west most of the time. The city York, Pa. is more or less opposite and glares much light into the sky. September 20 and 21 were some type of high altitude delivered (weather and natural order raping) gasSer fag smear. I just winced and moved along. On September 22 2020 – to me just now, (i must review something) seemed more 7ish than 8 or later.. but, from here it looked like, left to right, east to west, like,. saturn, jupiter, the moon,. and the SUN.. were all in a line. SkipPing StONES with the last one being,. r e A L far away!

Im always on the BACKFOOT

2 prong you too muTaNt! –2prongRHiNO.COM

if you dont get what it is to maintain with calm literate resolve,

what a republic under the SUN,. iS.. then,. iT is.. time to get on board!


These guys next..

i am thinking they have not a song,. not worth listening!!

You may RoCk on at this time.

Dinosaur Pile-Up – Backfoot


And.. well.. wont ya know.. just as i was about to get the embed/link for – BACKFOOT

i find this!

Its Tricky – Dinosaur Pile-Up

You may RoCk on at this time! – Dinosaur Pile-Up

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